How to Get Your New Dog to Trust You and Their New Home?

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Bringing a new dog home should be an exciting time for the entire family.  No matter if it is a rescue dog or you got your dog in some other way, you want to do all the fun things that family do with a new companion; walking, cuddling, playtime.

Scared dog

Of course, when your new dog gets to your home, it is only normal for them to be a bit scared.  After all, you have taken them from a world that he or she knew. And you are a stranger and your home is full of new things and smells.  There are videos that will show you how to get a scared dog to trust you 

Abused dog

But what if you get an older dog that might have been abused.  You need to do some research on how to get an abused dog to trust youThere are videos and articles on the internet to help you with this. 

Learn dog language

But most important is to learn what your dog is trying to tell you; after all, if you don’t have a history of your new pet you need to learn what they are feeling.  It is easier to help your pet when you know if they are afraid or scared. The first step is to learn your new dog’s body language. Among the signs that a dog is scared includes:

  • Ears lying flat against their head
  • Tail between the legs
  • Eye pupils are enlarged or dilated
  • Cowing close to the ground
  • Body and face muscles are tense
  • Yawning that is exaggerated

You don’t know what to do until you learn what the dog is trying to tell you.  Only then do you have a starting place to help. 





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