5 Creative Personalized Gifts for Dog Parents Who Can’t Get Enough Of Their Furry Baby

Got a friend who is crazy about their dog? Looking for the perfect gift?

Don’t worry. We have you covered with a guide to some of the best personalized gifts for dog lovers. Whether they are silly or serious, you will find something that will match exactly with their and their fur-babies style.

Read on to see some of the best dog lover gifts for him and her that will bring them as much joy as their beloved dogs.

1. Books

If you are looking for one of the best personalized gifts for dog lovers, then you can’t go far wrong with making them the star of their own story. With just a bit of creative input from you in terms of a name, a photo, and their hometown, you can create a personalized pet book that your dog-loving friend will absolutely adore.

Let their pet (or pets!) head off on their own adventure and get into all kinds of scrapes in fully colored artwork where the names and locations have been changed to make it their own story.

Kids and adults will both be delighted with the outcome, which is a unique way to cherish and memorialize a beloved pet.

2. Portraits

Is your friend’s dog a little bit classy? Do you sense that in a past life they may have been a king or queen? Then perhaps you should consider getting your pet portrait done in the style of the royals of old.

On Etsy, there are many options for taking your pet’s picture and turning it into a portrait suitable for hanging in the gallery. You can choose between a variety of regal styles and poses. Most artists offer a range of different options from king to general, sea captain, and astronaut.

Why not get the dog parent to sit for a portrait of their own, too, if you are looking for matching dog and owner gifts? 

3. Tattoos

Many dog owners have considered the option of getting a tattoo of their faithful companion on their body. Many choose to have a paw print or a nose print to keep them close to their heart.

There are temporary tattoo companies that can provide you with a picture of your pet to attach to your body so that you can try it before you buy. Why not make a gift for your dog-loving friend and give them a temporary tattoo to try out.

4. Pug on a Mug

Thinking a little less permanently, one great and reliable go-to gift for your friend is a good mug. Many artists offer personalized options for either painting your pet’s face or a cute representation of the dog and its owner.

Let your friend be reminded of their best friend every morning with their morning brew with a customized mug. 

5. Personalized Socks

If your dog friend is not a drinker, then perhaps they would prefer some snuggly warm feet. You can get personalized socks on Etsy with your dog’s face patterned all over.

They are cute and super snug and would make a great stocking filler for dog lovers and snug feet lovers alike.

Find Your Perfect Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

Hopefully, this short guide has given you some great ideas for personalized gifts for dog lovers in your life. Give them something that will remind them of their furry best friend, now and forever.

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