How to Find a Local Pet Sitter: 5 Tips for Success

Our pets are like family members. We love, look after and worry about them the same way we do with our human loved ones. Unfortunately, we can’t take them everywhere and there will be times when a local pet sitter is necessary.

Leaving your pet with someone you don’t know is always a risk. This is especially true if you also leave the sitter with access to your home too. So, how do you find a reliable pet sitter that you can trust with your beloved furry friend?

  1. Fits in with Your Schedule

By now, your pet is likely to have established a routine. You’ll know exactly when and what to feed your pet when to walk your pet and even when your pet needs to leave the house to go to the toilet.

Your pet sitter needs to be flexible enough to fit in with your pet’s schedule. Whether your sitter visits your home daily at certain times or stays at your home while you’re away, it’s important to stick to your pet’s routine.

  1. Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a reliable pet sitter is through recommendations. Ask for referrals from friends and family you trust and who have used pet sitter services before.

It’s also a good idea to look at social media pages or websites to find reviews left from other customers. A great pet sitter will usually have tons of good reviews left from pleased pet owners.

  1. Close To You

If your pet sitter isn’t going to stay at your home while you’re away, look for someone who lives in your area. Many pet sitters charge for travel to and from your home, so it will cut your costs to find a pet sitter close to you.

Similarly, if there were to be an emergency at your home with your pet, you need someone to be able to get there quickly. A pet sitter in your area would be the best option in those circumstances.

  1. Passionate About Animals

The best judge of character is your pet. You’ll be able to tell if your pet sitter is passionate about animals in one meeting. Arrange a meeting and see how the sitter gets on with your pet.

The way they play together will be a good indication of whether your pet sitter is the right one for you. If your pet shows any signs of nervousness or unease, it might be worth looking into finding a different sitter.

  1. Reliability

While you’re away trying to relax and enjoy yourself, the last thing you need to be doing is wondering if your pet is okay. Finding a reliable pet sitter could put your mind at ease.

Many pet sitters arrange to send pictures of your pets to you while you’re away for your peace of mind. Some sitters will also upload videos to their social media accounts of walks throughout the day so you can log on and view them at your own convenience.

Worrying About Your Pets

It’s perfectly normal to worry about your pets when you aren’t there to do everything for them. Most owners will go away and end up worrying about whether their pets have been fed properly, got enough exercise, or had enough attention.

Instead of or in addition to a pet sitter, there are lots of other options to consider. For example, electronic self-feeders are ideal for knowing when and how much your pet is being fed when you’re not there.

If you’re going away, you might want to consider dog daycares instead of a pet sitter. Dog daycare can offer constant attention for your dog without the same kind of stress that dogs often feel from staying in boarding kennels.

Keeping Your Pets and Home Safe

Even if you’re confident your pet will get along with your new pet sitter, it’s still nerve-wracking leaving your home in the hands of someone you don’t know. In order to keep your home and pets safe, it could be worth looking into installing cameras around your property.

If you’re feeling worried about your pets, you can just log into your home camera and view rooms in your home at any time. You can also use these cameras to speak to your pets while you’re not there and comfort them if you see they are anxious.

While you’re away, your pets may have a lot of alone time that they aren’t used to. A bored pet can become a destructive pet, so it’s worth investing in some toys and treat dispensers that can keep them occupied throughout the day.

You may also want to ask a friend or family member to drop by your home periodically just to check that everything is running smoothly. You should inform your pet sitter if you intend on doing this.

Finding a Trustworthy Local Pet Sitter

Finding a local pet sitter that you can trust will take time and research, so it’s best to do it months in advance of your trip. Always be sure to check and double-check referrals before hiring someone so you can have peace of mind while you’re away.

For more interesting tips on keeping your animals safe and healthy so they can live their best lives with you, take a browse through the rest of our blogs.

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About the Author: Mary Gates