3 Essential Kennel Supplies for Quick, Easy Clean-Up and Sanitization

Every kennel owner knows the risks of a parvovirus (CPV) in their facilities.

This highly contagious disease is a constant concern and one reason it is essential to keep your facilities in pristine condition.

Let’s take a look at three essential kennel supplies that can help make keeping your kennel clean and hygienic quick and easy.

Spray and Vac System

Keeping your kennels hygienic is essential, but it can take up a large part of your day. When you have lots of kennels to clean every day, you start finding that a mop and bucket just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Not only is a mop slow, but it can also spread diseases. It is much easier to cross-contaminate your rooms when moving from one to another with the same swab.

One way to make this much safer is to use a tool like a Spray and Vac from Kaivac. Half jet washer, half vacuum; this handy machine blasts dirt off the floor before removing it. You don’t need a floor drain to remove excess water either.

The Spray-and-Vac system is designed so that you do not need to touch anything other than the tool itself. Kaivac claims that it is 60 times more effective than mops and will save you 25% of the time you require to clean your kennels.

Disinfectant Hospital Station

This professional wall mounted dispensary is invaluable for ensuring the veterinary cleaning supplies can be deployed to the right place quickly and effectively.

Designed to be placed on a wall near your facilities, the station dilutes and dispenses disinfectants into mop buckets, refillable canisters, and spray bottles.

You can fill the station with different disinfectants for different areas of your animal care facilities. If you look after both cats and dogs, you need different germicidal treatments to look after each and ensure you kill all types of virus.

A wall-mounted station can store all the different types of disinfectants and distribute them quickly to employees as required. Check your local veterinary supply companies for more information.

3 in 1 Disinfectant

You need a lot of disinfectants to keep kennels in tip-top shape. But you also need a lot of germicidal cleaner and deodorizer to make sure everything is hygienic and smelling great.

KennelSol is a three in one solution that will save you time and money especially formulated to keep animal care facilities clean and safe. It is highly effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi and one of the more powerful dog kennel supplies available.

The solution is pH Neutral, so it won’t stain and corrode surfaces that it touches, even if spilled. It also has a lovely Wintergreen fragrance that leaves a fresh scent.

The 3 in 1 action means that you only need to do the job once—no need to go back over areas with a cleaner, disinfectant, and a deodorizer. Everything is covered in one clean, keeping your facilities safe and saving you time to focus on other important tasks.

Essential Kennel Supplies

Make your cleaning tasks a little quicker and easier by looking into these commercial kennel supplies. It is a hard and dirty job keeping your kennels spotless, but these three tools could help make life a bit easier.

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