Why You Should Bring Your Pet on Your Next Holiday

Are you getting ready to start planning your family’s next big adventure?

Vacations are a fantastic way to get out and see the world while spending some quality bonding time with the ones you love. So, why should your pet miss out on all the fun? Sure, traveling with an animal can come with a few extra stipulations. But, the benefits of bringing your beloved family pet on vacation with you far outweigh the costs.

Thinking about bringing your four-legged friend on your next vacation, but aren’t sure whether it’s the right option for you? Allow us to convince you!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking your pet with you on your next big family vacation.

Save Yourself Some Cash!

How much are you going to have to pay to leave your pet at home?

When planning out the budget for a vacation, leaving your pet behind may seem like the obvious and cheapest option — but is it?

Kennel costs can be astronomical, and even if you’re paying top dollar, it can be tough to ensure your pet is getting the care and attention they deserve. If you decide to leave them at home, you’re going to have to hire someone to come in and care for them — and that can get pretty pricey pretty fast.

However, swapping your hotel for one that’s dog-friendly generally won’t add any extra expenses to your trip. And unless you’re flying to your destination, you won’t have to worry about tacking on any additional travel expenses either — though you may have to schedule a few extra pit stops.

So, if you have a pet and are trying to save money on your next big adventure, taking them along for the ride may be the best option for you.

Prevent Unnecessary Pet Anxiety

If you don’t take your pet on vacation with you, you’re going to have to leave them in the custody of someone else. And, even if your canine or feline companion gets all of the care and attention they need, you’ll still be gone, which can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Our pets form pretty strong bonds with us, and that makes sense because they rely on us for basically everything. So, it’s understandable that our disappearing for several days, or even a few weeks, could make them nervous.

And, if your pet winds up in an unfamiliar place where they aren’t receiving the attention they usually get for a decent amount of time, they could even wind up developing separation anxiety.

While travel can also be pretty stressful for pets, especially if you’re going abroad, you’ll be with them every step of the way. If you’re traveling extra far for your trip and you want to make sure your pet arrives safely, you may want to consider hiring a pet transportation service — check it out!

Your pet aside, leaving your animal in someone else’s care can also be a stressful experience for owners. We love our pets and feel responsible for their health and well-being. So, even if you leave your furry friend in the hands of one of your closest friends, there’s a good chance you’ll still worry about them while you’re away.

Slow Down and Enjoy Your Trip

When going on holiday, it can be pretty easy to get caught up in trying to squeeze as much out of your trip that you forget to enjoy yourself. Pets force us to slow down and smell the rose, which may be just what you need to make sure your next vacation is as relaxing and rejuvenating as it should be.

Our pets generally have a fixed schedule that includes things like feeding times and walks. Having to carve out a little bit of time every day to complete these tasks will help force you to stop rushing around and enjoy the moment.

Bond with the Locals

Have you ever made a friend while out walking your dog? Animals make excellent icebreakers. So, if you’re interested in getting to know a few of the locals while you’re on vacation, bringing your pet along for the trip could be just the thing you need.

If your furry (or feathered!) friend is leash trained, you can take them out with you to enjoy a few pet-friendly attractions and activities. While out and about, your pet is bound to attract the attention of an animal-loving local, who may be able to let in you on a few locals-only secret spots!

Don’t Waste Any Time Missing Your Pet

Vacations should be fun — and nothing spoils your good time quite like missing your canine or feline companions. We form strong bonds with our pets. And while these connections can be great when we’re together, they can make separation pretty painful.

While you can cut back on your pet-sick blues by looking at pictures or even video chatting with your animal sidekick while you’re away, there’s a good chance you’ll still wind up missing them at the end of the day.

If you bring your pet on holiday with you, you won’t waste any of your precious vacation time staring at old photos of them or wondering what they’re up to or if they’re doing ok without you.

Make Some Once-In-A-Lifetime Memories

Finally, vacations are all about making memories that will last a lifetime, and if you leave your pet at home, you could miss out on the chance to live through some truly memorable moments.

Whether it’s seeing your dog react to snow for the first time or taking your cat to the beach, taking your pet on vacation is an excellent way to bond with your favorite animal and allow them to experience a brand new side to life.

Taking Your Pet On the Road

Ready to bring your pet on your next big adventure? Then you better get packing!

Are you looking for more advice on how you can make sure your next trip is one for the books? We’ve got you covered. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles, tips, and tricks today!

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