What You Need For Choosing the Right Pet Kittens

There are many reasons why you should not adopt a British Shorthair. Not only do you have to vacuum regularly because of all those cat hairs, but cleaning the litter box is, of course, also one of the tasks that you perform regularly. Cats can also seriously damage your furniture, and pets need natural food and vaccinations, which all costs money. However, are you a real cat lover and do you take all this for granted? Then it is good to take many other things into account as well.

A Male Cat or a Female Cat

First, you need to consider whether you want a female or male kitten for sale. In general, you can say that cats are more reserved in behaviour, but at the same time, cats also suffer from a bad mood more often. On the other hand, Males have a greater need for cuddling and can therefore be nicer, although the character, of course, differs from animal to animal.

Do you want to breed your male or female cat? Keep in mind that this will cost a lot of energy and money. If you are not interested in breeding, it is advisable to have a female spayed and a male neutered before puberty begins. The puberty of a female starts around six to eight months, and in a male, it starts at eight to 10 months. It is important to neuter males because otherwise, they will spray and urinate all over your house to mark their territory. Don’t you think this is a problem? Then you can also only have your male castrated after puberty when the male has grown out. Owners of British Shorthairs sometimes choose this because these cats then get a muscular and entire body.

It is sometimes said that cats like to be on their own, but this is not true. If you have a full-time job and are often away from home, then it is advisable to take (at least) two instead of one cat into your home. Lonely cats (or females) can display very annoying behaviour, and you can’t blame such an animal, of course. You do not necessarily have to take two expensive pedigree cats into your home. For example, a cat from the shelter can also provide excellent company. So you can opt for the British shorthair for sale.

British Shorthair Breeder

A good breeder is willing to answer any of your questions if you want to buy a British Shorthair kitten. Do you have a breeder in mind? Make sure that the environment in which the cats stay is large and hygienic. You should also pay attention to whether the breeder spends a lot of time and attention on the cats and other cats or dogs in the house. In this way, you will find out whether the kittens can be raised socially.

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