What is a surgical or dog recovery suits?

Normally, at least one surgery your dog will undergo during its lifetime. It is important that you know how to act in these circumstances and how to choose dog recovery suits. Surgical clothing or recovery suit for dogs is a clothing used after surgery. There are different types of recovery suit for different animals. As for dogs, there are specific models according to their sizes, weights, breeds, needs and genders.

Why a recovery suit is essential?

A recovery dog suit must be used during the postoperative period. It prevents the dog from biting, scratching or licking the stitches, as well as protecting the animal against microbial infections and allergies, as it creates a protective layer on top of stitches ensuring fast and efficient healing. Therefore, it is an essential accessory to allow your puppy to recover.

What models are there?

There are different types of Kuoser dog recovery suits. Thus, check your dog’s size well to select the ideal piece and do not forget to choose a dog surgical outfit that does not tighten, as it can hurt the animal. Besides the characteristics of size and weight, it is also interesting that you get to know the technologies available in the postoperative clothing market for dogs, such as clothing with UV protection, those that use dry technology, light and quick drying, besides antimicrobials.

Recovery clothing with UV

It is necessary for the pet to be in the sun. In some cases, if you have a large patio, it is interesting to invest in a surgical dog suit with UV protection, as it is capable to safeguard the dog from exposure to UV rays that can harm your pet’s healing process.

Light surgical clothing

In light recovery clothes, dry technology is used, which is the same used in athletes’ clothes. It guarantees the wearer greater lightness, thermal comfort and quick drying, besides being flexible. With these characteristics, it is possible that your dog feels comfortable, because after the operation it is important that he rest and does not make great efforts. Healing will occur quickly and the animal will not feel pain.

Antimicrobial recovery suit

Surgical clothing by itself is a great protection to prevent the contact of microorganisms with the region that was operated on. However, nowadays there is already a technology capable of increasing the chances of protection, such as recovery clothes for dogs and cats, which guarantee greater protection for the animal against fungal spores, bacteria, yeasts and mites that can cause infections.

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