Ways to Ensure Your Rabbits Feed Nutritiously


Rabbits are adorable creatures to keep as pets as they are calm and beautiful. However, most people don’t know what to feed their pets to keep them healthy and in shape. Every meal you feed your rabbits has a significant impact on their overall health and their behavior. This is why it’s important to know what foods are necessary and how to feed them. If you are one of those people wondering what to feed their pets with, or you are here to gain the knowledge, you are in the right place. You should know that rabbits have a sensitive digestive system which makes it vital to know what to feed them and prevent health issues. This article will explore ways to ensure your rabbits eat nutritiously.

Feed Your Rabbit with Hay

Hay is one of the healthiest meals to feed your rabbit. One of the benefits of hay is that it contains fiber which is ideal for removing waste from the rabbit’s intestine, preventing intestinal stasis. When considering hay for rabbits, choose a high-quality one that matches your rabbit. You can choose from various hay varieties to ensure that your rabbit is well fed. The hay also helps keep your rabbit entertained as it can move it around its closure and sift through.

Give Them Fresh Vegetables 

Feeding your rabbits with vegetables is vital as they help digestion and keep your rabbit hydrated. Whenever you provide your rabbits with vegetables, always ensure that they are fresh, as stale can upset their stomachs. Vegetables such as mustard greens and broccoli are rich in vitamin A, helping keep their health. Avoid feeding your rabbits different vegetables as they can lead to diarrhea; give them one type at a time.

Consider Adding Pellets to Your Rabbits Diet

Pellets are important to rabbits as they contain high calories. For this reason, it’s advisable to feed your rabbits in moderation, as excess can cause health complications. When feeding your rabbits, consider giving each one ounce per pound of what they weigh. When choosing pellets to feed your rabbit, consider one that contains 1% of calcium and fat, 15% protein, and 19% crude protein. For adults, rabbits give them timothy-made pellets rather than alfalfa pellets.

Learn What Not to Feed Your Rabbit

Learning what to feed and what not to feed your rabbits is vital to avoid health complications from eating lousy meals. You should avoid several foods. Even though the rabbit is your pet, don’t give them yogurt, pasta, or chocolate. Also, avoid giving them cookies and any high-fiber cereals. Giving your rabbits these foods encourages the build-up of bacteria in the gut, leading to enterotoxaemia. Some foods with high calories can lead to obesity which is terrible for rabbit growth.

Always Give Your Rabbits Clean Water

Clean water helps keep the rabbit’s intestine hydrated and is ideal when feeding them hay. Water is essential to unblock any stuck content in the intestine. If your rabbit has not passed feces for the last 12 hours, it might be due to dehydration of the intestines.


Feeding your rabbits with the meals described above will ensure your rabbit is healthy. Avoid giving your rabbits corns and cooked food as the rabbit cannot digest the corns, and the food might contain calories that are not good for rabbits.

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