Types of pet

Imagine yourself having a stressful day at work, feeling under pressure from the busy operations on a day when nothing went your way. Now imagine that it plays about and makes you feel at home, cosy, and joyful. And behold, your attitude has improved, and this time, you are prepared to face the world.

This is unquestionably one benefit of having a pet! In this pandemic, having a pet in the family can do wonders, especially for kids.

The greatest solution is to let the kids play with their pet animals and imagination when they aren’t permitted to interact with their pals during lockdowns.

The children’s imagination will be stimulated, they will become more active, and they will be able to interact with others on a much deeper emotional level if they have a companion animal. Numerous species, ranging from cats, dogs, and fish to snakes, are maintained as pets. While certain pet breeds are more enigmatic, you’ve probably heard of others.

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Types of Pets:

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Fishes
  4. Hamster
  5. Birds
  6. Rabbits
  7. Lizards
  1. Dogs

Dogs and humans have a long history together, and they are often associated with loyalty and protection. Numerous literary and cinematic masterpieces, including The Art of Dancing in the Rain, Hachiko, and the call of the wild, honour the relationship between humans and their canine companions. They are a few high maintenance pets and are also quite fun and active.

Over thousands of years, the dog has been selectively selected for a variety of behaviours, sensory capacities, and morphological characteristics. Dog breeds differ greatly in terms of appearance, size, and colour. They serve a variety of functions for humans, including therapy, companionship, protection, pulling loads, hunting, herding, helping the military and police, and helping the disabled.

  1. Cats

Families all throughout the world love cats. Even an entire internet sensation has been created as a result of their cuteness and humorous behaviour. However, cats are quite independent and frequently just leave the house. However, they can return and relatively easily reintegrate into the family.

  1. Fishes

It’s fun to watch fish, especially goldfish and bettas! If there are numerous fish, all you need is an aquarium and an oxygen tank! Fish are paradoxically both easy and difficult to care for, but despite this, our silent buddies continue to amuse us by swimming around.

  1. Hamster

Given their high level of activity, hamsters thrive in special cages with wheels that they can run on. However, they are also reputed to be highly dirty and a handful, making them a very high care companion animal.

  1. Birds

Well, it goes without saying that birds are quite important, especially in Indian culture. Birds like parrots, songbirds, and peacocks have been prominently featured in our mythical and folklore. Along with the traditional Indian furniture, temple, and palace styles, they have avian splendour.

  1. Rabbits

Particularly among young children, rabbits are a common option for pets. For a very long time, these cuddly animals have represented innocence and purity. However, caring for rabbits is a difficult task! 

They won’t just be content with carrots or grass, as we see in cartoons; they need a specific diet. Make sure they are sufficiently protected against even urban carnivores like dogs, ravens, eagles, and cats because rabbits are also quite weak and unable to defend themselves from predators.

  1. Lizards

Yes, it may seem a little strange to most of us Indians, but reptiles like iguanas, chameleons, geckos, and even snakes are more common as pets.


However, people have discovered that even strange animals, like cockroaches or reptiles, can make good pets!

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