Top 10 Small and Low-maintenance Pets to keep in your Home

National Pet Day 2021 - List of 8 Best Low Maintenance Pets

Are you considering getting a pet? Larger dogs like retrievers and Labradors can seem very nice and interesting but they are quite hard to maintain. Especially when it comes to kids, you want to introduce them to easier pets and familiarize them with the responsibilities before you dump the big work on their shoulders.

The best workaround for this is to get a small pet or low-maintenance pet that are easy to care for and don’t have a lot of complications to their care.

This article focuses on and highlights some of the most convenient small pets that you can purchase or adopt for yourself or your kids.


Okay, before you think we have gone crazy, listen to us. Yes, we did mention in the beginning that dogs are high-maintenance. However, there are several breeds of dogs that are either very small or very easy to care for. Breeds like pugs and cavapoos are the perfect example of that. They are quite small, easy to care for and they don’t grow to become giants that can take up a lot of your home space and money as well.


Let’s be real, when we are talking about small pets, cats do fit the description. They are independent, cute, fluffy and not to mention, easy to take care of as well. Compared to dogs, they require a lot less commitment but they are very adaptable and will often keep to themselves. However, cats are very sporadic and often don’t like confined spaces, to begin with, so make sure you microchip them, in case they plan on running away.


Moving to another small and fluffy pet that you can own are rabbits. These are cute creatures but we’d always recommend that you keep them in pairs. They are very sociable, so keeping them alone can often put them under a lot of stress that they aren’t very appreciative of. Rabbits are also very intelligent and are quite interactive too. If you are looking for a starter pet, rabbits are a pretty great option to look into.

Guinea pigs

Jumping down a notch on the care and maintenance scale, the next option on the list are guinea pigs. Like rabbits, even guinea pigs are very sociable and like to stay in groups. Even if you can’t do groups, make sure you at least keep them in pairs to ensure they are comfortable enough in their surroundings. They also require regular playtime, so you need to spare a good amount of time from your day to keep them engaged. They live well in crates, so that is a relief.


This might not be an option for every individual but be assured that there are a few species of lizards that make amazing house pets. They are intimidating to look at, no doubt about that. However, they are unique and very intelligent and impressionable too. Also, their feeding requirements are very specific, so you need to ensure that you educate yourself about all their needs and their feeding habits and behavior before you end up bringing one to your home.


A lot similar to guinea pigs, hamsters also make amazing pets for your home and especially for your kids. They are small, pocket-sized creatures that don’t require a lot of care, maintenance or attention. However, like most other rodents, they should be kept in pairs to not put them in distress. Some hamster breeds are very intelligent and sociable, while a few others don’t like to mingle and often keep to themselves. You can pick out the one that best suits your needs.


Okay, so you might be thinking we have gone crazy introducing rats as pets, right? Well, there is a range of commercial pet stores that sell rats as pets. And, many people across the world do own rats as pets. It is not as complicated or uncommon as you might think. Rats are extremely intelligent and if well-kept, they make great pets for kids. They are very affectionate and often like to keep to themselves, doing their own thing. If you are specifically looking for a starter pet for your kid, rats are a good choice.


One of the safest pet options for you to get is fish. There are hundreds and thousands of species to choose from and you get to do your thing and still have a pet with you. Fish aren’t very sociable with human interaction but they are very interesting and intriguing to look at. There are a few fish species that interact with humans and have a very interactive nature. So, make sure you do your research right before you end up buying the species for your home aquarium.


If you don’t mind keeping birds caged in your home, they make good pets too. Birds are available in abundance across the countries, which mean that you can pick out the options that work the best for you. However, keep in mind that some birds have very specific requirements when it comes to their care, so make sure you educate yourself about their needs first before you end up buying one from the nearby stores.


Last on the list are hedgehogs. They aren’t abundantly found across the globe, so you do need to be selective about where you buy them from. Also, hedgehogs have very specific requirements when it comes to their care and maintenance, so make sure you follow them accordingly.

If you were looking to buy small and low-maintenance pets for yourself or for your kids to start with, these are some of the best options that you can look into. Just ensure that whatever pet you get, familiarize yourself with their requirements, their daily needs and what you shouldn’t do while taking care of them. Despite their size or breed or species, you want to provide them with the best and the healthiest life that they can get when they are staying under your care.

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