The Perfect Options for the Perfect Dog Training

Acquiring a dog should be a thoughtful act because it keeps you busy for many years to come. It is important to take the time necessary to choose the four-legged companion that best suits your lifestyle.

Choosing a dog breed

More than 350 dog breeds exist. The choice of one of them must take into account important criteria because the dog who can please you at first sight does not necessarily have the size or the temperament in harmony with your character. That is why proper Orange County dog training is essential to get your dog trained in Orange County, CA.  You can choose the best options there now. 

Here is a series of questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are you often absent? How much time will you have to devote to your dog to take him out or play with him?
  • Do you live in the city or in the countryside? In an apartment, in a house?
  • Do you live alone or in a couple? Do you have children? Do you have other animals?
  • Are you a sportsman or a homebody? If you are not necessarily athletic, avoid choosing a Jack Russell or a Border Collie but rather go for something like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Bichon.

What will you do with your dog during your holidays?

Have you thought about the budget? Indeed you will have to assume expenses: vaccines, sterilization, de-wormers, anti-parasitics, food (higher costs for a large dog than for a small one) and sometimes grooming (some dogs like the Poodle require frequent maintenance) without forgetting the unforeseen.

The dog’s choice:

  • A rather dynamic or calm dog?
  • What size should your dog have?
  • A purebred dog or a mongrel?
  • A short-haired or rather long-haired dog that requires more maintenance?
  • Male, female, puppy or adult dog?

Dog, bitch, adult

After asking yourself these good questions, it remains to choose a male or a female, a puppy or an adult dog. Know that a male is taller and has more strength, he is sensitive to the heat of females and has a greater tendency to challenge authority. A female is more docile and easier to control, but the problem of 2 periods of heat in the year for about 3 weeks can make you hesitate.

Puppy or adult dog?

A puppy should not be separated from its mother and siblings until they are 8 weeks old. During this period, he will learn that he belongs to the “dog” species and in particular to control his jaws. A puppy does not yet have bad habits, but you should realize all that this entails: cleanliness acquired around 4-5 months, possible destruction in your absence, and education necessary to make a balanced adult dog. Remember that a puppy’s learning begins when he arrives home.

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