The lab and poodle mix could be a better breed

The Australian Labradoodles are simple hybrid dogs. The hybrid is by lab and poodle mix. This is basically mixing between Poodle and Labrador retriever. This type of mixed dog may have features from either of the parent like the looks, health issues, temperament and intelligence. These features could be unpredictable for a dog. On the other hand the physical trait also varies for the Australian Labradoodle. 

The name of these dogs is given due to the lab and poodle mix feature of forming the Labradoodle puppies. There is some other way to form the multiple generation is by mixing Labradoodles with some other Labradoodles. The physical traits vary like some have curly hair some have wavy or straight hair or some with soft or wiry hair. To create a new breed the Australian Labradoodles are being offered by the breeders. On the other hand to get more genetic diversity by lab and poodle mix could be the ultimate aim for the breeders. 

For many families the typical choice could be Labradoodle as it is very friendly in nature. On the other hand the behaviour is excellent. These puppies are great with young kids and quite energetic as well. The best work they all love is to swim and those who can really swim are considered to be the most intelligent dog in the world and the credit goes to the characteristics of both the parental breeds. 

The dogs are excellent in their behaviour. It is the duty of the owner to take proper care of their dogs and puppies. The proper nutritional food must be given to them. The place where these dogs are going to stay must be absolutely clean and tidy. Nothing could stop the puppies from being so attractive and innocent to anyone he meets.

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About the Author: Mary Gates