The Different Types of Hypoallergenic Cats, Explained


Does someone in your house have asthma or allergies?

Close to 3 out of every 10 Americans will experience some type of allergic reaction to pet fur. Cat allergies happen to be twice as likely as dog allergies in the United States. 

If you are a cat lover who wants unconditional love, with the discomfort of sniffling and sneezing, then this article is for you! In this short, but complete guide, we will review a few of the different types of hypoallergenic cats.

What lovable feline will you be welcoming into your life? Read on to find out!

Javanese Cats

First, let’s talk about one of our favorite types of hypoallergenic cats, Javanese cats. The Javanese are incredibly agile, social, and intelligent felines. The long-haired cat belongs to a variety of the Siamese breed. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these hypoallergenic felines, you’ll notice that they’re very stealthy. 

Pet lovers on sites like,, love talking about their cat’s cute personality traits, such as sneaking into your bed when you’re not looking. You’ll be happy to know that Javanese cats love keeping up with these types of antics! 

You’ll also be amazed by how vocal these kitty cats can be. Javanese cats and kittens won’t be as loud as Siamese ones, however, they will have strong opinions and won’t be afraid to tell you about it.

Hairless Types of Hypoallergenic Cats

Moving on, let’s look at one of the most popular hairless cat breeds for allergies, the Sphynx. Similar to Javanese cats, Sphynx cats are also very playful. Defined by their lack of hair, these cats usually have a medium-sized body. Holding your hairless Sphynx you’ll notice that the body is warm and incredibly soft to touch. 

You could compare their skin texture to the smoothness of a baby’s bottom. Sphynx cats are mild-mannered felines, however, that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a loving, well-tempered cat that is way smarter than you would ever expect. Sphynx cats also tend to be very docile, which can be adorable when they’re vying for your attention.

Russian Blue Cat

Next on our list of hypoallergenic cats, we have the Russian Blue cat. While Sphynx cats are a wonderful hypoallergenic cat option, sometimes owners enjoy the feeling of putting an animal with fur. If this describes you, then you should consider getting a Russian blue cat. Russian blue cats have a plush coat, and they’re usually dark gray. 

Russian blue cats don’t need a lot of attention. Instead, these green-eyed felines love spending the day hanging out by themselves and taking cat naps. 

However, just because Russian blue cats don’t require a lot of social attention, that doesn’t mean they don’t need mental and physical stimulation. Make sure your Russian blue cat has access to fun and engaging toys at all times.

Bengal Cat

Last but not least, one of the best hypoallergenic cats to get if you’re looking for something exotic would be a Bengal cat. Bengal cats have an exotic appearance since their coat has a golden shimmer, similar to a leopard. You can buy bangled cats that are spotted, marbled, or rosette. Bengal cats are also popular because they have a ton of energy, and never bore as playing with their owners.  

Find Your Favorite Feline

There are so many different types of hypoallergenic cats, and now you know about a few of the best! From hairless Sphynx cats to spotted Bengals, individuals with allergies can have their pick of the litter. 

Remember, almost every cat breed enjoys playing, even if it’s by themselves. Before you purchase a hypoallergenic cat, be sure to stock up on stimulating cat toys. The more engaging the toys are the better. For more helpful tips, read another article.


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