Reasons, Symptoms, And Tips To Relieve Your Dog’s Boredom

When anyone talks about pets, dogs always top the list. It is said that dogs are the most trusted pets in the whole world. Stats show that 53% of Americans have pet dogs. This means that almost more than half of the population has pets in their homes. The significant feature of dogs is they help in reducing trauma and depression.  Humans are the ones who need backup every single time and dogs fulfill their needs.  Researchers say that bored dog Canada make their own fun. 

Reasons For Boredom In Dogs

  • Researches have revealed that dogs left alone for 4 to 5 hours each day results in boredom.
  • A bored dog in Canada always faces this due to anxiety.
  • The same walk every day will make dogs feel bored.
  • A long sleep every day may result in boredom for your dogs.
  • Lack of exercise also leads to boredom and dogs.
  • Dogs not being engaged in brain games and interactive toys may also result in boredom.

Symptoms Of A Dog Getting Bored

These symptoms help you to understand and stimulate your dog. Not only being related to boredom but also the symptoms may signify some other issues like anxiety, illness, and much more.

Dogs chew furniture when bored. They do it to engage themselves in work and to divert themselves from boredom. They chew furniture, a pillow whichever thing it might be dogs chew it. So, chewing is a symptom that signifies that dogs are bored.

Dogs behave aggressively when bored. They don’t be calm or smooth when they feel bored. They try to be aggressive and show their boredom.

Along with aggressive behavior, dogs also bark when bored. They try to get attention by barking and try to avoid boredom.

Unpredictable energy levels are also signs of boredom. Your dog may behave actively during some particular time and may not be that active the rest of the time. In this case, it displays that your dog is bored.

Tips To Relieve Your Dog’s Boredom

Relieving your dog’s boredom is one of the important phases which need to be handled with care. So, before adopting different methods make sure you know the particular reason for your dog’s boredom and then proceed.

Play Games That Involve More Physical Activities

  • Fetch
  • Flood Poles
  • Walking
  • Obstacle Courses

Just Like Physical Activities Dogs Also Need Mental Activities To Get Relieved From Boredom. 

  • Puzzle Toys
  • Chew Toys
  • Shell Games
  • DIY Toys

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