Perfect Dog Leash Options for You Now

Choosing a leash for your dog depends on what you want to do outside, education, relaxing walks or more sports and the places where you walk and the physical characteristics of the dog. It is not always a choice obvious.

We are going to go over the main options and see how to avoid problems with the leash before even thinking about learning leash walking.

The metal leash and the nylon leash

The best dog leash or “chain”, has a leather handle, sometimes riveted; they are also found with nylon handles. Everyone has their preference. When it pulls hard, the leather may be a little more comfortable.

Metallic leash

If it pulls hard, you will try to remedy this problem but above all, pay attention to the way you hold the leash.

A nylon dog leash is lighter than a metal leash; it’s comfortable for a puppy or small dog. With the adjustable models, you can change the length of a nylon leash, generally there are 3 settings up to 2 m, thanks to the rings. You have a more versatile leash, convenient for alternating between crowded places and quiet places.

But it’s also handy to shorten the leash if necessary   by surrounding it on the hand. This is the advantage of nylon leashes (conventional, well let’s say “not adjustable”), that it is better not to grasp with the other hand to shorten them, because it can hurt very much if the dog pulls hard sharply .

Hold a leash

By holding the leash passed around the wrist, a very strong dog can train you and cause you to fall. You can’t let go of the leash quickly.

Hold the leash properly

  • Holding the leash with your fingertips is not secure enough even if your dog is not pulling hard.
  • You can put your thumb through the handle.
  • And tighten the fingers on the handle. You have it in hand but you are not “tied up”.

And to shorten it, you wrap it over the thumb; you don’t have to hold it with the other hand. Even if it’s a little tight, it’s easy to let go quickly. Just open your hand. And it remains safer (and less tense) than clenching your fist on a strap on the handle.

The metal chain type leash, you can hold it with the other hand without risking injury if your dog suddenly pulls. It’s not super practical, but you can shorten a metal leash occasionally; let’s say your dog is on your right and the handle in your left hand, you grab the chain with your right hand so that your dog stays close to you. It’s good for a few moments while waiting for the bus, the children, the green light (well, you hold your dog for more security, but for more security, you taught him to wait).

It is not possible to do a whole walk this way

If the chain leash seems appropriate to you, to choose it you have to think about looking at the size of the links. The larger a dog, the more it is necessary to choose large links.

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About the Author: Clare Louise