Maybe Your Cat Is Talking to You

It can be easier to train your cats to talk that one might think. Cats have a reputation for being rather aloof to those humans around them, but they are creatures that are highly social. They have their own style of communication verbally.


These feline friends are group-oriented, meaning they absorb the personality of the family they live with and interact with the group of cats in that family and the household of the owners. It is not unusual in the early morning to see some cats gather on the lawn or in the alley. Since most people in the neighborhood work during the day, cats are usually let out to go to the bathroom between the hours of 6 to 8 am. These cats are very social with each other and get together and often, you will see several cats sitting in a circle watching the sun coming up. 

Talk to your cat

Everyone knows that cats and in fact all animals communicate with each other more than just meowing. And you also know how to talk to cats. Listen to your cats in order to be more aware of the verbal cues that your cat is sending to you. In fact, they might already be saying words to you. Encourage your cat’s verbal responses by talking directly to your cart. By making eye contact and saying phrases that are short to it as it looks at you. Work on sound and those circumstances that is pleasing to your cat. By simply talking directly to your cat, you are encouraging your cat to make verbal responses. When working on a specific response from the cat, food treats can be used. 

Cues and sounds

The idea is to get your cat to understand that you are talking to them by saying words. If you make a list of vocal cues and sounds your cat is already responding to, you will start to see that your cat is already talking to you. 


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About the Author: Cathy Prater