Know Most Popular Small Dog Breeds 

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Planning to buy a pet? Go for small dogs as these are the most beautiful animals that you can get so that you can feel them like a member of the family. Dogs are the best type of pet because they get connected to their owner very soon and they are very dedicated. This is the reason why most people prefer to get buy a cute breed of dogs. Many people don’t know about varieties of small dogs so they cannot identify any type of difference in them but you have to know most popular small dog breeds that you can bring to your home. 

Popular small dog breeds you must know

  1. Pomeranian- this is the most famous breed of small dogs because they are very small and fluffy so you can play with them and your kid will love to be with these small dogs. Pomeranian dogs are best and very cute as they cannot bite anyone easily until they feel angry. If you want to get the cutest pet in your home then go for this breed.
  2. Chihuahua- this dog is very similar to the personality of big dogs but they are not that big and people love to get such pets in their home just because they seem very cute and small in size. Once you get familiar with them then you will bring them everywhere you go.
  3. Pug- this is also the most famous breed of dogs and these are very energetic so you can enjoy playing with them any time. Many people don’t know that pugs are very affectionate.
  4. Boston Terrier- these are very tempered dog but looks very innocent and cute. People choose to make them pets so that they can get the safety of home.
  5. Dachshund- they are found in many sizes but here it’s about the small breed so you can found these dogs very sweet and innocent.  
  6. Shih Tzu- these are the best type of dog if you have kids in your home as these are known as lap dogs so kids can play with them easily.
  7. Poodle- these are very fancy types of dogs and many people choose to make them their pets so that they can fulfill their dream of doing trimming of pet hair and other things that you can enjoy with your small pets.

All the above-mentioned most popular small dog breeds are very cute and affectionate so you can play with them any time

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