How to Help Cats Make it Through a Cold Winter

Cats are very fond of the warmer climate. They do not like to leave their shelters during cold days. Harsh winter climates really hamper their lazy laidback lifestyle. To relieve them form this suffering, you can arrange a cat house for them. You can buy a cat house from online or from the market. gives you perfect solutions for all your cat house related queries. Getting a cat house for your feline friend does not solve all the problems. You need learn how to take care of it and to maintain it. This us necessary because they are not able to tell you’re their problems and can only bring your attention to their problem by making sounds. As a human it is your and all of our duty to take care of them.  Let us talk about the maintenance of your cat houses to keep your cat safe and go through the chilling cold weather.


Placement of your cat house is the key to save your kitty from the cold. Cats generally suffer from cold feet which happens due to the cold grounds during winter. Hence, it is highly necessary to keep their house at least 10-15 inches above the ground. This way their feet will not directly touch the ground. You also need to ensure that the cat house is not kept at a wobbly place. It will scare them and can also create a safety issue. That is why keeping the house on a firm surface such as on wardrobe or on a table is required.

Heating elements:

Providing insulation inside the house is of utmost necessity. It traps the heat inside the house and does not let it go outside. This makes the insides of the house of warm. Remember to add some other insulating materials like straw which traps the heat inside. Also, you should buy a house for your cat which is made out of wood. As we know wood traps heat very well and hence it will keep your buddy safe during winters.


Providing high fat containing food to your cat during winter helps them to maintain their body heat. As foods containing oils keep themselves warm during winters. Also give them something hot to drink. Hot milk is really a good option in this case. Remember to make a feeding station for them just outside their house so that they do not have to come all the way round to your drawing room asking for food.

Clothing and bedding:

Insulation is the most important factor during winter. It is the best option to provide them small sized quilted blankets or woolen blankets so that they can keep themselves warm. Also, nowadays, you can buy many winter clothes for your feline friend which are made out of wool or some insulation materials. These will help them to keep the cold away. You can line their cathouse with these blankets to keep them comfy.


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