How to Find a Great Dog Walker?

Unless you work from home, it can be challenging to accommodate a dog in your life. Fortunately, Denver has a large selection of dog walking services to make you feel less guilty about going to work every day. Here’s what to look for when selecting someone to care for your best friend.


Besides keeping your dog from getting lonely, a reason to hire a dog walker is to prevent your dog from having an accident in your home. With so many reliable transportation options to choose, a

dog walker Denver should not be late without a good reason.


If you continually come home to find your dog’s accidents, you may doubt that your dog walker visited. Or, your dog’s restlessness could indicate a lack of daily exercise.


Experienced dog walkers are confident and know how to get your dog to listen. They can adapt to your dog’s temperament and handle unexpected situations during a walk.

Number of Dogs

You want your dog to have the best possible experience while you are away. For this to happen, a dog walker should walk only one dog at a time and shower your friend with undivided attention.

Relate to Your Dog

From the moment their eyes meet, you can tell if your dog and a dog walker are in love. A dog walker who gets down on the ground and playfully tussles with your dog knows what it takes to keep your dog in good spirits.

Certified in First Aid

When interviewing dog walkers, find out if they can handle various health emergencies. Often, simple first aid can help avoid an unnecessary visit to the vet.

Bonded and Insured

Even with the best intentions, playtime can sometimes lead to things accidentally breaking. If your dog walking service is bonded and insured, even the wildest game of fetch will not leave you liable for damages.


The best way to ensure that you are hiring a good dog walk is to ask for recommendations. Veterinarians, groomers and anyone directly involved in your dog’s care can help you choose a great dog walker. Happy dog owners are also a great resource and can provide detailed accounts of their experiences.

Living with a dog comes with huge responsibilities. Still, it can be hard to resist sharing your home with anyone that greets you with a frantically wagging tail when you arrive home. A good dog walker could help pups forget how much they miss you while you are out.

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