How to Create the Purrfect Home Environment for Your Cat

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Cats spend the majority of their time in the home, so it’s essential that they have a comfortable environment to enjoy. Whilst every cat is very different, one thing they all have in common is independence. Cats are extremely independent animals and they require their own space in order for them to relax and feel at home. From a place to play to cat proofing your existing furnishings, the following post will help you ensure your home is just right for your feline friend. 

Comfort is Key

First things first, you need to ensure your cat has a comfortable space to rest and relax in the home. Just like humans, cats like to be cosy and feel secure, so you want to invest in a quality cat bed for your cat to curl up in and have some quality time to themselves. You can also create cosy spots in the home for your cat to enjoy such as cushions on chairs and a spot on the sofa, where they can snuggle up and wind down.

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Keep Them Occupied

Cats need to keep busy and one very popular item for them is a scratching post. Providing your cat with essential items like this will give them plenty to do when bored and prevent them from scratching your furniture legs again and again! You can also find some great cat toys to keep them busy and entertained for hours on end, from feathers to teddies. 

Cat Safety

Whether your cat is an indoor cat, or they have the option of exploring your neighbourhood, it’s important to have safety features in place for them. If you have a cat flap, be sure to position it where your cat can access and leave the house safely without any risk, such as busy roads etc. Similarly, if you only allow your cat outside at certain times, remember to lock the flap to prevent them from sneaking out without you realising. It’s also important to check your home for any items that could be dangerous for your cat, such as glass vases (we know how cats love to jump onto sides), sharp objects low to the ground and so on. 

Food and Water

Ensure your cat has a constant supply of water to keep them healthy and happy. You need to create a specific area in the home where your cat eats and drinks, keeping their bowls there at all times to make them feel comfortable and happy with their eating process. Once you know what food your cat likes and enjoys, be sure to keep their food close and available for them to eat when ready. Similarly, you should keep a supply of cat treats and cat nip in the house to give to your cat every now and then, as just like other pets cats love to be treated and rewarded for good behaviour or simply for being cute! 

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