How To Attract A Cat To Its Cat Tree?

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To make your cat interested in his tree, you can encourage him to jump and climb on the platforms. Take time to play with him and give him treats to encourage him. You can also place a bowl of kibble on one of the trays of the cat tree if it is large enough.

He can satisfy his need for height to observe his environment by perching on the platforms of his tree. In addition to a cat tree, nothing prevents you from creating an environment conducive to play by leaving at its disposal interactive toys that will channel its anxiety and awaken its senses.

Place cat treats in the tree hiding places in the small apartment to attract him. Do not forget to congratulate him each time he has fun on his tree.

There are also solutions to orient him more easily towards his new play space. Use synthetic pheromones or an equivalent like Play Spray to stimulate him and make him interested in his post.

Where To Place Your Cat Tree?

A good cat tree is only useful if you find the right location for it. The cat likes to observe and monitor everything that happens around him but also outside. Make sure your pet has a great view of the room where you spend most of your time. Do not hesitate to place it near a window so that it can also look outside.

A tall cat tree should be stable enough not to fall. There are cat trees that attach to the wall or ceiling.

How To Clean A Cat Tree?

A cat tree collects hairs and dust. For the health of your animal, ensure a clean and harmless space for his health. If you want to invest in a quality cat tree, make sure that all the elements are detachable so that you can maintain it regularly. Beware of water on wooden elements or MDF as they are more sensitive to humidity. You will be able to make it last several years.

Remove Encrusted Hairs Using An Adhesive Brush Or Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum the rest of the residue using a vacuum cleaner on platforms, beds and posts. We advise you to do this cleaning regularly to limit the accumulation of hairs which degrade the general condition of the tree.

The cat tree in the small apartment is an almost essential accessory when you have a cat, especially if it is a cat that does not have access to the outside. This cat furniture combines several functions that allow a cat to feel good in its velvet paws.

Cat Tree: For The Well-Being Of Your Feline

 A good cat tree allows your cat to sleep, to claw, and to observe its environment. It is not necessarily a question of taking a huge cat tree for one or two cats. The main thing is that it is very stable (wide base), with several posts if possible, and strong enough to ensure the safety of the animal (or animals).


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