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The fun with life website has information about different species of animals. It has information about fishes, chameleons, reptiles, and snakes. Some of the species of reptiles are leopard gecko, bearded dragon, a ball python, panther chameleon, emerald tea boa and other species. There is information on species of freshwater fish such as African jewelfish, angelfish, tiger barb, black tetra, blind cave tetra, diamond tetra, neon tetra and other species.

Tidbits of animal species

Https:// website provides information on each above-mentioned animal species. The information includes their care sheet, diet, habitat, breeding, disease and morphs. Tidbits of some of the animal species are as follows

  • Ball Python

The Ball Python is also called as Royal Python. Its Latin name is Python regius. It is native to West Africa. Its captive life span is 20 to 30 years and there is a record of Ball Python whose lifespan was 48 years. They have an appearance of bright color. The diet of the Ball Python is rats. Its habitant is enclosure, hides, water, humidity and heat. The diseases they can suffer from are mites, respiratory infection, constipation, burns and bad shedding. Its morphs types are pastel bell python, a bumblebee ball python, spider ball python and pastel pied ball python.

  • Angelfish

The scientific name of angelfish is Pterophyllumscalare. It belongs to the Cichlidae family. It is eight inches in size. In a community setting, the angelfish can be kept. It is a tall fish. To keep an angelfish in a tank, the tank should be tall. The fish is very sensitive to the poor quality of water. So, there is a need to install an efficient filter. It is easy to feed an angelfish. They eat a wide variety of freeze-dried foods and commercial flake. You can also feed them live foods that are small. The small foods can be daphnia. bloodworms and brine shrimp. You can also feed some material of vegetable to the fish such as peas. Basically, you can feed them foods that contain Spirulina. You can easily breed the angelfish in the home aquarium.

These were just the tidbit of the animal species. There is a care sheet of many animal species on the website. It is very informative and educational. The care sheet is helpful in taking care of the species of animals. There is detailed information about the animal species on the website.

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