Best Accessories And Toys For Your Posh Dog

Whether you are rewarding your dog for doing well in his residential dog training course, or choosing a birthday gift, there are many practical accessories and toys to choose from. From comforting toys to a flashy new designer collar, you can find everything you need for your small companion. Deciding just what to buy them can be challenging, so we have decided to share some of our favourite toys, accessories and training aids with you. Let’s take a look:

Best Accessories And Toys For Your Posh Dog

Knitted Sweater- for small posh dogs, a knitted sweater is a must. These sweaters could protect your dog in colder weather, while making them look trendy. Due to its small size, your dog could be affected by a cool weather, especially if it’s windy.

Jewelled Collar- there’s nothing that completes the appearance of your posh dog than a classy-looking and elegant jewelled collar. A jewelled collar will make your toy dog look amazing at special occasions and events.

Floppy Nylon Frisbee- any playful small dog will be intrigued by the fast-moving Frisbee. A nylon Frisbee is ideal for smaller dogs, because the material is gentle on the mouth and it makes an excellent training or exercise tool. If it’s a challenge to train your dog and teach it how to play catch, you may need to ask for professional help from the residential dog training Sheffield dog owners trust most.

Snuggle Toy- if you want to ease the separation anxiety or to reward them after a hard day at residential dog training, you can get your dog a cuddly toy. This toy will make it as though your dog has the company of another dog and it will ease the feeling of loneliness and separation, when you’re out at work.

Soft Harnesses- instead of choosing a cold-looking leather harness, it is more appropriate to get a soft harness that fits comfortably around your small pet’s neck. There’s a range of vibrant and fashionable colours.

Sofa Beds- these days, you may choose many fabulous bed designs for your cute, small dogs. Choose eye-catching, stylish and comfortable sofa-style beds, as they are perfect for your dogs to enjoy sweet dreams after a day of fun and play.

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