Are African Violet Plants Poisonous To Cats?

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Cats and houseplants will always have a tragic ending. 

It’s either you’ll have a leafless houseplant or a vomiting feline on the floor. Or both. 

Thus, most cat owners will tend to wonder if their houseplant is safe and non-toxic for their feline buddy. Because, regardless of where you put your plants, if your lovely Bengals are attracted to it, they will always find it.

The Charm of African Violets

One of the most common and loveliest houseplants is the African violets. They are colorfully blooming plants found in most gardens or kept as houseplants, featuring arrays of beautiful pink, white, violet, red, blue, soft yellow, cream, and multi- or bi-colored flowers. This plant is also super easy to maintain that only needs a bright to a moderate environment with consistent light. 

Thus, African violets are popular with gardeners and people using houseplant for décor. But, they’re not only popular with humans.Cats like them too. And some felines even love chewing on their foliage— causing a deep sigh and grunt to gardeners.

Is It Safe For Cats?

The beautiful African violet appears on most lists of safe houseplants for your furball. So, if your Bengal kittens suddenly have the urge to do a mid-morning snack on your favorite violets, then you don’t have to worry about ill effects. 

A Little Caution

Experts said that when ingesting even non-toxic plants, your feline can sometimes experience a mild illness as a result of eating something new or may have too much. 

Now, when you choose to fertilize your violets, it is important that you choose natural fertilizers, so that it won’t harm your feline. Also, make sure to get a plant that is sourced from a grower using organic insecticides without any toxic substances in them which can cause severe health problems. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Although African violets are considered non-toxic for your curious furball, it is best to discourage your feline from snacking on your houseplant, not only for his sake but to also maintain your favorite flowers. You can try giving your cat with cat grass instead since most cats love chewing on fresh grass. Most pet stores offer grasses that are specially formulated for felines. 

Now, if that’s not enough to deter him from targeting your African violets, you can try spraying the plant with bitter apple that can discourage her from nibbling. Also, you n try discouraging her from accessing the plant by placing double-sided tape around your flower pots.


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