American eagle vs Philippine eagle comparison- who will win?

The American eagle is also known as Bald eagle and it is usually found in North America. When american eagle flies, it looks amazing to the eyes, It hardly moves its wings but flies in one go. They are known for their bills, the foot color is yellow.

They found their food easily as they are agile hunters with good eyesight that can see over a few miles.It feeds on fish, carrion and birds. They love to feed on Fish and carry fish from water bodies like rivers, They dive down under the water and catch the fishes. It usually goes for hunting for fishes which are very near to the surface of water. Check out the topmost Pet Care Stores for your pet needs online.

They also produce high squeak sounds and are known to fly at high altitudes of upto 3000 m to 10000 Ft in the sky, They have strong stamina that they can fly for hours. People often compare eagles with hawks, falcons and vultures, the eagle is treated supreme and given respect than other creatures as the eagle kills his prey itself.

That’s why Eagle is treated as a national bird in Countries like America, Philippine and Mexican. They fly very fast in comparison to other birds.

As far as the mating process is concerned, They yield up to three eggs during the mating process, though it is not probable that every 3 of them will live. Eagles tried to safeguard his eggs to keep them alive.

The Philippine eagle is one of the largest and as well strongest authoritative eagles in the earth when evaluating some other natural flora and fauna. According to the assertion of the worldwide Union for a Conservation of Nature -IUCN, this Philippine eagle is one of the largest eagles which is on the verge of extinction.

It is very rare to found Phillipine eagle, They usually hunt on large animals like monkey, goat etc. The Philippine is also known as monkey-eating eagle as it eats monkeys and is enclosed by the taller, rarest, biggest, and strongest birds in the world.

It is recognized as Haribon which is known as Bird King. Its other name is banog.

The eagle is such a dangerous bird which can even kill venom snakes. What about the non venomous snakes, they can kill them anyone with their talons. They hunt on the strength of their Talons while Bald eagles hunt on the strength of their Bill.

Many people still want to know, How does a Phillipine eagle look like?,  The Philippine Eagle’s nape is decorated with extensive brown feathers that appear with a hairy crest. These feathers give it the look of possessing a lion’s tresses, which in roll look like the legendary griffin. The eagle has a bright face and a creamy-brown nape and top.

Who will win the fight?

In this battle is American eagle vs Philippine eagle, there is no doubt that Philippine Eagle is a powerful and as well stronger than American Bald Eagle. But, American Eagles are too smart and adequate those who can protect themselves from getting hurt from Philippine Eagle. If equally of these eagles set off to fight with each one other, then the most likely Philippine Eagle will most likely win the battle.

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