5 Tips to Find a Drug Rehab with Cats Acceptance

Coping with drug addiction is a highly serious issue. Depending on the drug, the situation may be critical, but more or less, everyone who’s an addict needs to go to rehab. If you’re struggling with quitting, then you know you need professional help, and if you’re refusing to accept this as a fact, it’s best to admit it to yourself as soon as possible.

If you’re a lucky cat owner, and you love your pet, you know that you can’t simply leave your cat behind. You need to take her with you to the rehab facility. The problem is, not all of them accept cats. You need to find the one that will. Read more about cats here.

Finding one is not easy. Among the few that will accept a cat with you, finding the ultimate best takes effort. You need to do thorough research and know what is crucial to make your choice. Read on if you want to know more about this subject and how to find the best place for your needs.

1. Look for a nearby center

Finding a nearby center is perfect. The only problem is, there aren’t too many rehab centers that accept cats. Even if you live in some of the biggest cities in the US, the options are limited. What you need to do is open a map online and look for centers that accept pets.

You’ll probably find a few in the ocean of others. It’s crucial to have one nearby because cats don’t really adore traveling. They’d rather take a nap by the fireplace than go on an adventure. So make sure you don’t drive them for hours.

2. Check for their inside facilities

When you’re searching for the best drug rehab center with cats, you need to know how the place looks inside. They need to have a place where cats can have fun and rest. On top, the furniture and the scenery must be adequate. These animals love climbing on high spots, so some equipment for this will be highly appreciated.

3. Do they have trained professionals?

Aside from the doctors that need to treat your condition, they need to have trained professionals who will take care of your cat when you might be in a meeting, or something similar. These people must be experienced and skilled in providing the care your pet needs.

Give them a call and ask if they just allow cats, or they actually have people to help with this issue. If they don’t have anyone, then you should look for another place. You can’t just leave your cat in a room without windows and disappear. You need someone to take care of them while you’re gone.

4. Read online reviews

Online reviews are the feature that will give you all the information you might need. From comfort to included facilities, and care. These reviews will tell you everything about a particular drug rehab center.

Just go through the internet and find some of the best websites providing such information. Product and business reviews are highly valuable for all customers. They are going to tell you which places you need to avoid, and where you will most probably get a perfect service. Since it is your health in question, this is highly important.

5. See if they accept cats only

Some rehab centers accept pets in general. This is not what you need. You need a cat-only place. Imagine having a building in which cats and dogs are all sitting together. It’s impossible to imagine it because they are naturally sworn enemies.

You want a place that won’t have dogs inside. Ask them to specify this, and if they don’t accept dogs, then you’re going to the right place. At least they must have separate wings. See more about the nature of these animals here: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-inner-life-of-cats/


These few points tell you what you must do to find the best rehab center for your drug addiction and for your cat. Search for a place that is not too far away, that is well equipped, and that won’t allow dogs inside.

In the end, understand that taking your car with you can be highly valuable to your recovery. Cats feel pain, and they might be really helpful when you’re struggling.

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About the Author: Mary Gates