4 Steps for a Proper Horse Grooming Routine

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Grooming your horse is an essential part of keeping your horse healthy and happy. It also allows you to notice any problems, such as discomfort or sensitivities, before your horse gets sick. Here are some steps you can implement to ensure you have a thorough horse grooming routine.

1. Secure Your Horse

It’s important to keep your animal tied up when horse grooming to help them stand still while you work. This prevents them from bolting if they get spooked by something. Use this time to talk to your horse to keep them calm and to make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

2. Clean Hooves

Your horse’s hooves take the brunt of every ground surface and need to be well cared for to maintain the health of your animal. Use a hoof pick to clean out dirt and debris around the frog and sole of the foot. Check for any injuries or damage and call your farrier if you notice any problems.

3. Curry and Brush

Using a curry comb or grooming mitt, begin circular motions all around your horse’s body to remove dirt and grime from its coat. As you’re currying, check for any skin rashes, lesions or scratches. Keep an eye on anything you notice and make sure to call the vet if it gets worse. After using the curry comb, go over your horse again with a body brush to remove any remaining particles. Finally, comb your horse’s mane and tail to remove tangles and increase shine.

4. Clean the Face

Finish up your grooming routine with a soft cloth to clean around the eyes, ears and muzzle of your horse. Remove any dirt carefully so you don’t hurt your animal.

Grooming builds the relationship between you and your horse so make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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