4 Fun Activities To Keep Your Cat Busy




Are you someone with a cat? Need to find creative ways for them to have fun? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then keep reading. 

There are more than enough activities for your cat to keep busy, even if they are indoor cats. While not allowing them outdoors may seem like you’re limiting their activities, the good news is you are not. 

You and your cat don’t have to be bored around the house (or apartment). You two can have the time of your lives and snuggle up with Woof Love Custom Pet Blankets after you two have exhausted yourselves. Now, let’s dive into the list of activities that your cat will enjoy all day long:


  • 1. Mechanical toys


There are plenty of mechanical toys out there that simulate the old “cat and a string” game of ages past. These are battery-powered or wind-up toys that will make unpredictable movements and jiggle across the floor. It will be as if the cat is hunting and pouncing on a mouse. 

While they won’t be likely outdoors catching rodents, you want to keep their reflexes sharp. What better way than put these kinds of toys to good use. 


  • 2. Cat tree


Cat trees are perfect for your feline that wants to climb up and down. They can relax, take a nap, or play with their favorite toys while they have the space all to themselves. 

Cat trees come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Before purchasing one, take into consideration the amount of space you have available. Some may be too large for a small cramped space (which are common in apartments). 


  • 3. Obstacle courses


If there is one thing that will test your cat’s flexibility, dexterity, and speed it’s none other than an obstacle course. You can even make one out of empty boxes. They will enjoy hiding, running in and out of them, and even play a little hide and seek with you. You yourself might get in on the action making it the perfect time to bond and enjoy quality time with your feline friend. 


  • 4. Laser pointer


Ah yes. The classic laser pointer never gets old. You can get one for very cheap and turn it into a playful event for you and your cat. Get them to go one place and run to the next. They love the thrill of the chase.

And it will be very enjoyable for you as well. 


  • Final Thoughts


If you love your indoor cat, it’s always a good idea to keep them active. These four activities listed above might be your best options. If you have some creative ideas in mind, put them to good use. 

But nevertheless, it’s always fun to keep your cat active and busy. Even if they don’t go outdoors, it’s best to let them know that your home is their home as well. And they can roam around anywhere they please (so long as they don’t cause a mess). 

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