3 Reasons to Purchase Horses

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Purchasing horses is very unlike the purchase of other pets, such as a family dog or cat. In fact, having horses on your property can serve a variety of purposes beyond their beauty and intelligence. Here are three reasons to purchase a horse or two for your large property.

Exercise and Sport

“Horse riding” encompasses a large number of different exercises and sports. From jumping to dressage to barrel racing, the athleticism required to ride a horse with precision is good for the body and mind, especially if you live in the country far from any gyms. You can buy horse jumps, barrels, and other proper equipment to keep you and your horses well entertained for a long time to come.

Lawn Care and Labor

Horses are also an excellent way to naturally cut grass on your property. If given the proper nutrition from other means, horses will happily graze in pastures to keep your lawn care expenses down. On ranches or farms, horses are very hard workers. You can use them to rope, herd, or simply as transportation means on vast amounts of acreage. Horses are still farm animals who can serve a purpose beyond riding for pleasure and leisure.

Therapy and Self-Care

Riding horses as a means for therapy is becoming more popular in recent years. Equine-assisted therapy has been shown in research to help those with sensory or motor-based issues, anxiety, and depression. Building a relationship with an animal is also a great way to build self-confidence and respect for other creatures. Having horses on your land will build these skills and more for you and your family.

Although horses are more expensive to house and care for, their value is insurmountable. The purchase of one for exercise, work, or self-care would be an excellent addition to your home and family.

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