3 Reasons to Own a Horse

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They’re tall, majestic, loyal, and love a good nuzzle. What’s not to love about horses? Whether you live in the city or have your own rural farm, there are so many excellent reasons to own a horse. Adding one to your family has a range of benefits.

1. You Don’t Necessarily Need the Space

The first thing people think about when deciding to purchase a horse is whether they have space for one. If you don’t have a barn or live in a city apartment, you may have written off owning a horse, but you don’t need to. These days, plenty of places offer full horse boarding services Westhampton MA. A boarding service provides daily care for your horse, including food, water, exercise, washing, and more, at a reasonable price. Choosing one close to your home allows you to visit your friend as often as you can to exercise and bond.

2. You Have a Built-In Therapy Animal

Horses are great therapists and don’t even charge you $100 an hour. In fact, horseback riding has an official categorization as recreational therapy. Physically, it helps people to get more active without overly straining muscles like running, walking, or other forms of exercise can do. Mentally, bonding with an animal has been shown to have both cognitive and emotional benefits. Horse therapy is often used in combination with help from professionals such as physical therapists or psychiatrists. 

3. You’ll Make More Friends

Owning a horse, especially if you board it, helps you form other relationships. When you have a similar interest as someone, it is easier to talk. You can bond over your love of your horses, learn more about equestrian life, join clubs for horse owners, or simply plan for quiet horseback riding with a friend you meet at the stables. 

Once you decide you want to buy a horse, take your time in doing so. Spend time researching to find the right breed to meet your needs, then wait to purchase one until you feel a bond with it. Doing so ensures you have a life of happiness with your new friend.

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