12 Perfect Gifts for the Cat Lovers in Your Life 

As a devoted cat enthusiast myself, I can tell you that hunting for a holiday presents for feline lovers is one of my favorite things to do. I significantly like a product better when there are cat ears or whiskers on it. I mean, why drink my coffee out of a regular mug when I could drink out of one with cat ears?

Thus, I assure you that if you have a cat fan in your life, they will undoubtedly fall in love with any of the listed gift alternatives immediately.

You can choose from this selection as they all are sweet and thoughtful gifts for cat lovers. Whether you intend to get house supplies for a homeowner buddy, an item of clothing, or a charming accessory for them to put on, I have a recommendation that your cat lover friend would love!

  1. A Cat Phone Case

There are tons of available cat phone cases in the market. You won’t have a hard time looking! Depending on your cat lover friend’s personality, you can choose to go minimalistic or funky with the design. I assure you, the cat lover in your life will undoubtedly be obsessed!

  1. Cat Earphones

Earphones are a present you can’t go wrong with because everyone uses it. And your cat lover friend or family member will surely go gaga over one that has cat ears! 

  1. A Cat Mug

Not all mugs are created equal. Sure, you can drink that coffee out of a regular cup. However, cat mugs are what I prefer because… well, they have cats. Need I say more?

  1. Cat Home Slippers

I go for slippers whenever I don’t know what else to get a person. Comfy home slippers are a fool-proof gift that everyone will have a use for. Having a cat face or whiskers on there is something a cat-loving woman would undoubtedly appreciate.

  1. Cat Measuring Cups

This sounds like the weirdest gift ever, but its best suited for the person in your life who likes cats as much as they love cooking. It’s likewise great for the cat lover who just got their place. These will undoubtedly make anyone wish to bake.

  1. Feline Coasters

Do you want to get a present for your cat lover friend or special someone who lives on her own? Coasters are ideal because they are useful. A cat-themed one will surely steal your friend’s heart.

  1. A Feline Tote Bag

It’s a rule: every woman needs more than one tote bag in their lives, especially when it’s covered in little cat faces. Tote bags are great gifts because they are easy to use. Your friend can pop it up with any casual outfit, and they’re good to go!

  1. Cat-themed Tee

Tees are also one of my go-to gifts. If you have a cat lover friend, they will surely appreciate a tee with anything cat-related to it. Just be sure to get your friend’s size right!

  1. A Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is just one of those things you never know you need until you have them. Save your cat lover friend from neck pains due to long rides by giving them cat-themed neck pillows. It will make them comfortable, and they will thank you for it.

  1. A Cat Tumbler

Not only does a tumbler make a ridiculously useful gift, but it also saves the earth since your cat lover friend will be encouraged to use fewer plastic water bottles. This gift is not only cat friendly; they’re also earth friendly!

  1. A Sleep Mask

I’m not going to lie–if I were gifted a cat face mask, I would squeal with happiness. They are cute and, if made with silk, also luxurious. You can give gifts like these to your extravagant close friend.

  1. Cat Themed Jewelry

No cat enthusiast’s life would be complete without cat-themed jewelry. Rings, earrings, and necklaces are basic and yet traditional gifts that your cat lovers will enjoy. I would say go for simple, timeless pieces as they’re likely to be more versatile—unless, of course, you have a quirky friend, then you could go for the loud designs.

Those are my 12 recommendations of gifts to give for your cat lover friends. What do you think about this list? Did I miss anything? Comment below your go-to gifts for your cat lover friends!


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About the Author: John Whisman